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No. 334 Aidisheng Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai 201203, China

structure-based-drug-discoveryViva Biotech, headquartered in the pharma-valley of Shanghai, China, is a premium preclinical drug discovery service provider to pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. It currently employs 200 scientists and occupies a facility of over 65,000 square feet with the state-of-art laboratory instruments and full integration of technologies such as X-RAY, MS, NMR and SPR for drug discovery. Viva possesses a spectrum of preclinical drug discovery research capabilities and deep drug discovery expertise for full integrated drug discovery service. Key research capabilities at Viva include:

  1. Gene-to-protein and gene-to-structure at large scale of preparing several thousands of proteins and hundreds of crystal structures yearly.
  2. Fragment-based drug discovery with an in-house proprietary fragment library (2100 compounds) for hit generation to lead optimization.
  3. Structure-based drug discovery with high-level medicinal chemistry (hit to lead, LO to DC), with excellent track record.
  4. Extensive experience and expertise in biophysics techniques such as X-ray, NMR, MS, SPR, and thermostability test for drug discovery research.
  5. GPCR target preparation and protein crystallography with unique proprietary technology, along with novel assays for GPCR panel screening.
  6. Antibody research platform with hybridoma and a human scFV phage display library.
  7. In vivo disease models in oncology (CDX & PDX models), CNS, and inflammation.

Viva aims at providing the best quality service to our clients and contributes to the advance of novel medicines to the clinic for unmet medical needs, with our research capabilities and integrated drug discovery service. For further information, please contact us at:

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