HQL Board Members

Prof. Chezy Barenholz

BoD Member

Prof. Yechezkel Barenholz is a Professor of Biochemistry at the Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical School. He is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Virginia, and was a Donders Chair Professor at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands in 1992 and a visiting Professor at Kyoto University, Japan. Prof. Barenholz's interests are in basic and applied science. In basic research, he is involved in many fields related to the biochemistry and biophysics of lipids and membranes. In applied research, his main interests are in amphiphile-based drug carriers, especially liposomes - from the design of the drug carrier through animal studies to clinical trials. He was a co-leader and developer of the world’s first nano-drug – DOXIL, marketed in the USA by Johnson & Johnson and in Europe by Schering Plough (as Caelyx).   Prof. Barenholz is the author of over 230 publications, and has received numerous awards for contributions to the field of liposome science. He is a member of several editorial boards and serves as Executive Editor of Progress in Lipid Research. He is also a founder of NasVax, developing improved vaccines and immunotherapy, and a board member of several life science companies.

Shmuel Cabilly - Ph.D.

BoD Member

Dr Shmuel Cabilly holds a PhD in immunology from the Hebrew University.  During his post-doctoral training he led a joint project of the City of Hope Research Institute and Genentech that developed the technology for recombinant antibody production. This invention was patented in two well-known patents “The Cabilly Patents”, and today, there are more than 20 drugs on the market based on this technology. Dr, Cabilly was also a co-founder of and chief scientist of Etrog Biotechnology, where he invented semi-solid buffer technologies enabling the production of disposable apparatuses for gel electrophoresis containing no liquid buffer.  Etrog was sold to Invitrogen in 2001. Dr Cabilly is now an investor and a board member of several biotechnology companies.