Utilizing the unprecedented technological firepower of its proprietary computational platform – ChemSpaceScanner (CSS), HQL Pharmaceuticals focuses on tough challenges, e.g. design of small molecules protein-protein interaction inhibitors, and multi-target drugs.

HQL is seeking collaboration projects to discover novel drugs.



HQL Platform:

The CSS platform is designed to tackle tough problems, which pose significant challenges for other existing technologies. Based on a proprietary digitization of small molecule chemical space and a set of unique algorithms that together enable highly efficient screening of virtual chemical libraries >20 orders of magnitude higher than currently possible, against high-resolution drug models.

HQL Cutting Edge:

  • Identifying small molecule inhibitors of protein-protein interactions
  • Identifying small molecules that inhibit multi targets
  • Transforming fragments, obtained from fragment-based screen, into drug-like molecules


  • Highly diverse set of leads spanning large space of chemotypes, increasing chances of development of successful drugs
  • Ability to identify rare solutions – enabling targeting of projects that fail to demonstrate hits in HTS campaigns
  • Provide wide IP protection and circumventing IP barriers

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